Meet the Fam: Krista

Hello! I’m Krista. I’m a 33-year-old mother of five, and writing about myself is really difficult.
I met my husband, Jason, when we were seniors in high school. However, we didn’t really even become friends until we were freshmen in college, and we started dating the following summer. We got married after dating for only seven months – the weekend before my brother was deployed to Iraq.
I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, which I don’t use. Originally, I wanted to be a teacher and a writer. But just a couple semesters before my degree was finished, I discovered that I wanted to be a nurse. Unfortunately, I was already super pregnant with our third child. I did go back to school for my nursing prerequisites after taking one semester off post-graduation. However, by that point, I was already pregnant with our fourth child, and, about the time I would have started nursing school, we found out we were having our fifth. For the last five years, I was a patient care technician at a local hospital.
I like reading, writing, photography, and crocheting. Last summer, I started cycling for fitness. 
As I said, writing about myself is hard, so I will probably end this here. You will figure me out over time, anyway.

Meet the Fam

Hello! This is Mommy’s Day In, my mom blog! My name is Krista. I am a 33-year-old mother of 5. I am a photographer with an English degree. For the past five years, I have been a patient care technician at a local hospital with the end goal of becoming a nurse. After having to withdraw from nursing school twice in the last few years, I have been having second thoughts about whether being a nurse is really in the cards for me. So, while we figure that out as a family, I have decided to try to make use of that English degree.

Jason is my husband. He is also 33, and we have been married for 13 years (in February). After years of trying to decide what he wants to do, he has finally finished his electrician’s apprenticeship. He has a degree in graphic communication (pretty much graphic design), and he also went back to school for both art education and software engineering. In the end, we decided he should follow the family career path and become an electrician. Hopefully, he will be a journeyman in just a month or two.

Jason and Krista, at a concert / date night

Isabell, our oldest, is 12. She is a 6th grader. Izzy (or Issy, as she recently decided she is the way she wants to spell her nickname) is creative, like her father. Recently, paintin and modifying Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) toys has been her big hobby of late. She also enjoys making characters on Gacha Life. Unfortunately, doing homework is not something she enjoys, and we have been struggling with that.

Gabrielle (Gabby) is our second oldest. She is 11 and in 5th grade. Unlike her big sister, Gabby is super motivated in school. She loves to read, but she is also artistic. She enjoys drawing and painting. Currently, she is loving the Harry Potter books, and she got the whole series for her birthday. 

Lucy is our true middle child. She is 8 years old. We call her our mini-Izzy (er…Issy). She is very emotional and dramatic. Currently, this little lady is completely obsessed with (slash addicted to) Adopt Me on Roblox. She has broken countless phone cords playing it while her phone (without service – technically my old phone) is charging. (Mom frustration 120958957.)

Jameson is our first boy. He is 7. He loves Minecraft, Terraria, Roblox, and YouTube (mostly super annoying channels). All he really wanted for Christmas was Nerf guns. So that’s what we got him – a TON of Nerf guns (to share with his little brother). 

Finally, Jude is our youngest, at 5. He is as big as Jameson! (To be fair, Jameson is small for his age, and Jude is big for his.) Jude likes all the same things as his big brother. He also wants to be an “electrisan” like his daddy. He loves (toy) tools too. Being the youngest of 5, if no one will listen to him he will just talk to himself. This kid literally talks non-stop. All day every day.

the kids and their new cousin, Matthew

And now on to the pets. And you thought you were done after the five kids. Ha!

Socks is our oldest pet. She is a 14-year-old cat (soon to be 15). She was born under my bed when I was a senior in high school! Her mother got pregnant the first time she could, and she had worms. (We got her from a neighbor literally 2 days before she went into labor.)  My mother and I bottle-fed the litter of seven kittens. (My mom still has Socks’s brother, Bon Bon.) 

When the older girls were 5 and 4, Socks accidentally got out of the house and was missing for 2 weeks, so we got a new kitten (in case she was gone forever). Mittens is 7 (she was born the same week as Jameson, so we just consider them as having a shared birthday). She is our crabbiest pet. (The girls were young when we got her, and they were a little mean to her.) 

Socks and Mittens (ages ago)

Belle. Another cat. My sister lived with us for a few months. When she moved out, she left her cat with us. The kids love her, and she is the only cat who semi-tolerates the dogs.


Ah. The dogs. Dixie is almost 3. We got her from the same sister we got Belle from. After living with us, my sister went to live with her dad again. Their dog had puppies at the same time that we were looking for one to replace Socks. (We thought she had cancer, but it turned out it was just arthritis. It’s okay if you laugh; I still do.) She is a red heeler X pitbull (supposedly), but she just looks like a heeler. 


A couple years ago, we took Dixie to see my family. She was so good with my grandma and dad’s dogs that we decided she needed another dog in the house. So we adopted Roxie. (Nevermind that we were wrong. Ha!) Roxie is about 2. She is a Border Collie mix (with Sheltie, we think). She was starving when we got her (as a puppy). This dog has some frustrating anxiety issues, but we love her all the same.


Finally, there is Miss Isabell’s toad – Leopard. A year and a half ago, the kids caught a toad in the garden. Jason and I both had toads that we kept for a bit as kids, so we let Issy keep him. Surprisingly enough, she still has him! He even outlived another toad friend. 

And that is our family. Welcome to our blog. I hope you enjoy our crazy lives as much as we do…because we are definitely going to be sharing the insanity with you!