Overdue Update: We Have COVID-19

Life has been a little bit crazy!

Jason, the boys, and I went back to Rapid City two weeks ago to sell the Expedition for scrap metal. They wanted to replace the transmission for $1700-2900. We only paid $1600 for it, so that was definitely not worth it! Especially when it was having other issues, including the manifold gasket. So we bid farewell to “Beauty” (the kids called this Expedition that because the old Expedition we owned was “named” Beast – because on the first day we owned it, Hubby called it a behemoth). 

While we were in Rapid City, we dared to eat out for the first time since COVID started! Terrible idea.

We took the boys to Texas Roadhouse. Jason and I love it, but, because it is a bit expensive for poor people like us, the kids have never been there. (This is NOT for sure the source, but it is that or Jason’s work…)

But, come Monday, a little over a week later, Jason came home from work super tired and feverish. His work has a policy in effect right now that, if an employee has ANY COVID symptoms, they cannot return until they have gotten negative coronavirus test results or have been cleared after having it. So, he called the after-hours clinic, they put in an order for the test, and we drove over to the testing site. 

Tuesday afternoon, the results came back. Positive.

Now, I have been experiencing a headache, a sore throat, and a cough. I was tested today, so I guess we will see.

Lucy and Issy have been having a sore throat and a headache. I called their pediatrician, but she said there is no need to test them. She said to just assume they have COVID too. This is a relief since the test is SO unpleasant. My sinuses STILL hurt (4 hours later)! 

Unfortunately, Jude has asthma, so we have to quarantine all the sick people away from him (or vice versa). So the boys get to enjoy unlimited XBOX time in their room. They have never been happier. HAHA!