Meet the Fam: Jude

Last in age but first in personality, I now present to you Jude the Dude.

Jude is six years old (as of yesterday). He will be going into first grade this fall.

Being a child in the golden age of technology, Jude loves YouTube and video games. If the YouTube channel is super annoying, Jude probably likes it. He loves to play Terraria, Roblox, and Minecraft. Spoiled as he is, he has his own Nintendo 2DS, an XBOX One to share with his brother, and two laptops to share with all of his siblings. Oh, and he just got a new tablet for his birthday. 

If you asked me to describe Jude in one word, it would be attitude. He talks back. He screams at people. He ignores his parents when we ask him to do things. He talks smack to his video games.

Speaking of talking, this kid talks just to hear his own voice. If no one is listening, he will talk to himself. The only time he stops is when he’s sleeping.

He is such a silly boy! His favorite superhero movie characters are the villains. From Avengers, he likes Thanos the best. Joker is his favorite Batman character. He is actually pretty big on Joker recently. He *thinks* he wants to watch the new movie, but I think we are going to pass on that one. It’s a liiiiiiittle too disturbing for a 6 year old.

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