Meet the Fam: Jameson

Jameson is our fourth child – and first boy. He is seven and will be starting second grade. 

As far as school goes, Jameson is like Gabby. He had the same first grade teacher she did (the only 2 to have had her so far), and she had him doing “challenge” spelling and vocabulary lists. 

Like his sisters, he can be a little quiet. Also like his sisters, he is obsessed with YouTube. 

This kid is all about video games. He loves to play Terraria – especially with his brother and his dad. He also really enjoys Minecraft, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Plants vs. Zombies, and Roblox. As for toys, Jameson loves Legos, his skates, his bike, and Nerf guns.

He wants to play football, but he is very small for his age. He is the same size as his little brother, and he recently saw the pediatric endocrinologist, who determined that Jameson has the bone age of a five year old. So, pretty much, he will be two years behind his classmates for growth until puberty (which he will probably hit two years behind his classmates too). However, his dad has been trying to foster his interest in softball and baseball. Just something with less contact.

The cats aren’t super fond of the boys, but Jameson doesn’t mind. He loves the dogs more, anyway. When Lucy gets to sleep with Dixie, Jameson always asks for Roxie to sleep in the boys’ room (even though she tends to poop in there and chew up their toys). 99% of the time, the dogs aren’t allowed anywhere near the kids’ bedrooms. 

Jameson loves to play outside. He enjoys skating and riding his bike. He just learned to skate this year; we got the kids all skates or rollerblades this spring. He took to it immediately! He loves to go as fast as he can. He also just learned to ride his bike without training wheels. 

For his 7th birthday, he got a bunch of (cheap) drones. It was just in time for our trip to Texas at the end of last summer. (We actually left on his birthday.) He loved flying them in Texas, and he loves when his dad takes him to the park to fly them. 

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