Meet the Fam: Lucy

Lucy. Lu Lu. Lucy Goosey. Moose. Moo.

Lucy is our true middle child and youngest girl. Monday, she turns 9.  She will be in fourth grade next month. It’s crazy to think about how big she is getting.

Lulu’s loves are: Roblox. MeganPlays Roblox. Roblox. Socks (our cat). Cats in general. Roblox. MeganPlays Roblox. And Roblox. (Are you seeing a trend here?)

Quiet and small for her age, Lucy’s teachers are always trying to get her to come out of her shell a bit. She is a good student, so they always try to have her be a group leader and do things that kind of force her to interact with the other kids in her class. She has friends, but she is a little shy. 

Last year, Lucy watched a YouTube video about that Momo thing, and she started having sleep issues. (I tend to think she really exaggerated it because the video she actually watched was a BBC News spot stating that Momo was a huge hoax.) Anyway, she didn’t want to sleep alone (even though all three girls share a room). Neither of her sisters wanted to share a bed with her, and we quickly grew tired of her sleeping in our room. Finally, we compromised and allowed her to bring Dixie in her room at night. (The dogs had just started sleeping in their kennels at night again because Roxie chews things up at night.) Even now, if both her sisters are away at sleepovers for the night and she is the only girl home, she asks to have Dixie in her room. (Even though Mittens is the meanest, baddest pet we have AND already sleeps in the girls’ room.)

Lucy is also our only child (so far) to have glasses – even though Gabby has wanted them for a few years now. She got them shortly before Coronavirus hit the US. (One kiddo has yet to see the optometrist because of COVID-19, but that’s another story.)

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