Meet the Fam: Gabby

Gabrielle (Gabby) is our second child. She is 11, one year younger than her big sister to the day. She will start middle school in the fall. 

Gabby is our academic overachiever. She scores super high on her standardized tests, and she impresses all her teachers. She reads all the time and takes part in the school Book Battles. (Each team member is supposed to read one book, but she has been known to read the books for the whole team because her friends didn’t do their parts.)

Gabby, too, has a YouTube channel: Girly Gab Gab

Unlike Issy, Gabby likes sports. Last year, she tried soccer. She really enjoyed it, but she disliked having to spend 2 hours driving to and being at practice twice a week after school when she wanted to play with her friends. This summer, she was supposed to get to play softball, but it was canceled due to coronavirus. That is a big bummer because she has been waiting to play softball for a couple years.

Where Issy is jeans, dark colors, and boots, Gabby is leggings, bright colors, and Converse sneakers. Sporty.

Going against the grain, Gabby is outgoing with her hairstyle too. She has dyed it blue, red, and black. She has had a side shave several times. Currently, her hair is in a bob with a side shave that she has decided to grow out. Gabby is our only life-long natural brunette, but her siblings are all slowly turning brown too. Ha!

She’s also somewhat more helpful than her siblings when it comes to chores. Somewhat. 

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