Meet the Fam: Issy

Isabell, better known as Issy, is our oldest child. We found out I was pregnant with her only a month after our wedding. 

She just finished sixth grade. It was a bit of a challenge because she would rather be making YouTube videos, reading young adult fantasy books, and playing Roblox or Minecraft. (Even more so with distance learning because of COVID-19.) Yes, I said making YouTube videos. She’s certainly not YouTube famous, but she has an acceptable following for a 12-year-old girl from the rural midwest. Her channel is Luna WolfMoonlite. (Shameless plug. Sorry, not sorry.)

Issy’s favorite book series are The Hunger Games and Warrior Cats. She likes Gacha Life and Adopt Me. 

Issy is a little bit quiet, shy, and anxious. The kids go to a very small school where everyone is friends with everyone to an extent, but she has a close circle of a handful of friends. She is also a rather sensitive girl. 

Despite being anxious and shy, Issy is really forward with her hairstyle. She has had purple hair, long hair, super short hair, a side shave, punk hair. You name it, she’s willing to try it, and we try to let the kids do their own thing within reason. 

As many kids are, Issy is very fond of animals. She, her sisters, and their friends rescued a litter of cottontail bunnies who had been kidnapped from the nest by some neighborhood kids. Of course, wild rabbit kits are super difficult to keep alive in captivity, and they all died. Everyone was devastated, and we had a very strong heart-to-heart about never removing kits from the nest and always returning them to the nest if they find out someone else has removed them. (Unfortunately, these kits had been out of the nest for about a week before the girls got them from the other kids – and were only a week or so old when they were removed!) 

Issy (and her late toad, Leopard) showing off that she had grown into my old sweater

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