Meet the Fam

Welcome to Mommy’s Day In! As the title suggests, this is a mom blog.

My name is Krista. I am 32, and I do a lot of things. Photography, crochet, blogging. I have been a tutor, a birth doula, a substitute teacher, a patient care tech. But, mostly, my husband and I have five kids — and three cats, two dogs, and a toad.

My husband, Jason, is also 32. He is an electrician. He is silly, obnoxious, patient, tech savvy, and handy.

Isabell is our oldest. She is 11. Currently, she loves YouTube, Gachaverse, Littlest Pet Shop, and her toad, Leopard. She even has her own YouTube channel, Luna WolfMoonlite. (Might as well give her some free props.)

Gabrielle is ten. She loves reading and soccer. Apparently, she deleted her YouTube channel. Kids.

Lucy is seven. She loves cats, owls, and watching other kids play with toys on (you guessed it) YouTube.

Jameson is six. He loves Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and watching people play those things on (drum roll, please) YouTube.

Jude is four. He loves Legos, Dixie (one of our dogs), annoying his siblings, and being crazy. He also kinda loves being naughty. Lol

Socks is our oldest cat, at 13. My family has literally owned her since the day she was born, and the kids can’t remember a single day without her. She was my sister’s cat originally, but she joined our family when Izzy was 2 and Gabby was 1.

Mittens is our mean cat. We got her when Izzy and Gabby were five and four. Being small, they turned Mittens into a child-hating cat. She has slowly warmed to them as they have gotten older, but she still has a temper.

Belle was my other sister’s cat. This sister lived with us for a short while, and, when she moved out, she left Belle behind.

Dixie is our 2-year-old red heeler x American Staffordshire mix.

Roxie is somewhere between one and two. When we got her, she was half-starved. They told us she was 3 months old, but the vet said she was several months older than that. She is supposedly a pure border collie, but she definitely looks part Sheltie.

Finally, Leopard. She is Izzy’s toad. The kids caught her in early summer, and now Izzy is obsessed with toads.