Meet the Fam: Gabrielle

Gabby playing soccer, July 2018

Gabrielle, AKA Gabby, is ten years old and in fourth grade. She is the total opposite of her older sister. She is a classic overachiever at school. Her third grade teacher told us she wished the school had a gifted program because Gabby would belong in it. Loving to read, she participated in Book Battles last year. She and a classmate competed against the top team from a nearby school, and she loved it. Currently, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Dork Diaries are her go-to reads.

Where Izzy is a girly girl (in all ways except liking creepy crawlies), Gabby is sporty. She loves sneakers and leggings. (She does like dress boots, though. All the girls do.)

Last summer, Gabby played soccer for the first time. She loved it — and she was pretty good at it! We are thinking we will probably put her on a year-round team.

Unfortunately, Gabby deleted her YouTube channel because she learned about internet bullies the hard way. It makes me sad and angry that people feel the need to be mean and hateful to children on the internet.

Finally, Gabby wanted me to include a few of her favorite things. Color: aqua, activity: sleeping (such a teenager in the making), animal: black bear, food: tacos and quesadillas. And a little fun fact — she was in charge of the guide book when we went to Yellowstone. Her class had just learned about it, and she was super excited to share her knowledge with the family.

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