Meet the Fam: Gabrielle

Gabby playing soccer, July 2018

Gabrielle, AKA Gabby, is ten years old and in fourth grade. She is the total opposite of her older sister. She is a classic overachiever at school. Her third grade teacher told us she wished the school had a gifted program because Gabby would belong in it. Loving to read, she participated in Book Battles last year. She and a classmate competed against the top team from a nearby school, and she loved it. Currently, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Dork Diaries are her go-to reads.

Where Izzy is a girly girl (in all ways except liking creepy crawlies), Gabby is sporty. She loves sneakers and leggings. (She does like dress boots, though. All the girls do.)

Last summer, Gabby played soccer for the first time. She loved it — and she was pretty good at it! We are thinking we will probably put her on a year-round team.

Unfortunately, Gabby deleted her YouTube channel because she learned about internet bullies the hard way. It makes me sad and angry that people feel the need to be mean and hateful to children on the internet.

Finally, Gabby wanted me to include a few of her favorite things. Color: aqua, activity: sleeping (such a teenager in the making), animal: black bear, food: tacos and quesadillas. And a little fun fact — she was in charge of the guide book when we went to Yellowstone. Her class had just learned about it, and she was super excited to share her knowledge with the family.

Big Family Woes: Multiple Kids Sick with Multiple Illnesses

When you think of sickness in a big family, you probably think of: “[Insert child’s name] has [insert illness], so, naturally, everyone in the house is going to get it.” I usually think that too, and I have a big (-ish) family.

Today, however, it is two sick children with two different illnesses — and both are contagious. It has been a hectic day.

This morning, Lucy came out of her bedroom crying. This isn’t unusual. She likes to play the “I’m too tired for school” game and/or the “my tummy hurts” game to try to stay home. I said, “Lucy, I have to work today. Since you are always so tired, maybe you need to start going to bed earlier.” (They go to bed at 9:00.)

Lucy said, “My throat hurts,” and then she let out a barky cough. I know that a cough is uncommon with strep throat, but I always have one when I have it. So I called her in sick to school and made an appointment with the pediatrician.

Jude has been coughing at night for a couple weeks. He has asthma, so I wasn’t overly concerned about it. I just figured we need to be more diligent about nightly nebulizer treatments. However, it wasn’t letting up, so I went ahead and scheduled him for an appointment right after Lucy’s.

While Jude was being examined by the doctor, Jameson (who stayed home ‘tired” but clearly wasn’t tired after the older kids went to school) said, “Jude has goosebumps.” I asked if he meant Jude’s eczema, and he said, “No, the goosebumps.” It turns out he was referring hives on Jude’s arm. Juded  ended up having them on his back, stomach, and arms, so he was given a dose of benadryl in the clinic. The doctor said strep can cause hives. Two throat swabs were ordered.

The strep tests were negative.

The doctor listened to Jude’s lungs and said it sounded like “more than just asthma.” A chest X-ray was ordered too. Jude the Dude has walking pneumonia, and I feel horrible for not taking him in sooner and assuming it was asthma. I do, however, feel a little better for the fact that his teacher said it was so weird because he seemed perfectly fine at school yesterday.

So he is on an antibiotic for the walking pneumonia and a steroid for the random hives.

And Lucy was tested for whooping cough. I really hope she doesn’t have it. (Obviously.) She is vaccinated. We all are. But she started antibiotics for that today anyway. And it sounded like we will all be treated if the test comes back positive? I guess we will see.

Until then, I had to miss work yesterday, and I traded out of my shift on tomorrow. If Lucy does have whooping cough, she is home from school until Monday — because she started the antibiotics last night. Without those, she would have to be off for 3 weeks. Yikes!  (I am sure she would enjoy that.) As it is, no school for today at least.

Update: Good news! Lucy does not have whooping cough.

Meet the Fam: Isabell

Izzy, spring concert 2018

Isabell, AKA Izzy, is 11 years old and in fifth grade. She is just a wee bit lazy about doing her homework, but she is well above her grade level on reading and vocabulary. She wants to be sure I write that she loves the Warrior Cats book series.

Izzy’s other interests include Littlest Pet Shop, Gacha Life, and Gachaverse. She enjoys including these interests in her videos on her YouTube channel — Luna WolfMoonlite. With that, she wants everyone to know that her favorite animal is the wolf. She also loves horses. Her life goal is to grow up to be a Dallas Cowgirl who owns a horse daycare. I don’t know who would use a horse daycare, but who am I to crush her dreams?

She also has come to like reptiles and amphibians because of her pet toad, Leopard. Surprisingly, Gabby actually caught Leopard on the way home from school back in the spring. This  is funny because Gabby actually hates Leopard. Izzy decided Leopard was her toad, and she didn’t want anyone else to feed the toad. This came about because one of the other kids fed Leopard a ladybug. Isabell hates ladybugs. After some online research, she decided that Leopard is a female, so we have been going on that assumption.

Izzy also has claimed Mittens as her own cat. She once said, “I made a bed for Mittens in my room. I need a curtain, though, because sometimes she gets mad when I look at her.” Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious. Mittens is really crabby, but it is because Izzy and Gabby were rough with her when she was kitten and they were little. They once bathed her in the toilet and called her a rat. They also put her in doll clothes. It is no wonder she dislikes children. However, she has warmed to Izzy and Gabby as they have gotten older.

Being in fifth grade, Isabell started band this year. She plays the flute. Purple and black are her favorite colors, and we found a purple flute for her online. Going to a small school, she is the only flutist in her grade. We will probably get her flute lessons with my coworker who teaches flute and piano on the side.

And that is Isabell in nutshell.

Meet the Fam

Welcome to Mommy’s Day In! As the title suggests, this is a mom blog.

My name is Krista. I am 32, and I do a lot of things. Photography, crochet, blogging. I have been a tutor, a birth doula, a substitute teacher, a patient care tech. But, mostly, my husband and I have five kids — and three cats, two dogs, and a toad.

My husband, Jason, is also 32. He is an electrician. He is silly, obnoxious, patient, tech savvy, and handy.

Isabell is our oldest. She is 11. Currently, she loves YouTube, Gachaverse, Littlest Pet Shop, and her toad, Leopard. She even has her own YouTube channel, Luna WolfMoonlite. (Might as well give her some free props.)

Gabrielle is ten. She loves reading and soccer. Apparently, she deleted her YouTube channel. Kids.

Lucy is seven. She loves cats, owls, and watching other kids play with toys on (you guessed it) YouTube.

Jameson is six. He loves Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and watching people play those things on (drum roll, please) YouTube.

Jude is four. He loves Legos, Dixie (one of our dogs), annoying his siblings, and being crazy. He also kinda loves being naughty. Lol

Socks is our oldest cat, at 13. My family has literally owned her since the day she was born, and the kids can’t remember a single day without her. She was my sister’s cat originally, but she joined our family when Izzy was 2 and Gabby was 1.

Mittens is our mean cat. We got her when Izzy and Gabby were five and four. Being small, they turned Mittens into a child-hating cat. She has slowly warmed to them as they have gotten older, but she still has a temper.

Belle was my other sister’s cat. This sister lived with us for a short while, and, when she moved out, she left Belle behind.

Dixie is our 2-year-old red heeler x American Staffordshire mix.

Roxie is somewhere between one and two. When we got her, she was half-starved. They told us she was 3 months old, but the vet said she was several months older than that. She is supposedly a pure border collie, but she definitely looks part Sheltie.

Finally, Leopard. She is Izzy’s toad. The kids caught her in early summer, and now Izzy is obsessed with toads.