Overdue Update: We Have COVID-19

Life has been a little bit crazy!

Jason, the boys, and I went back to Rapid City two weeks ago to sell the Expedition for scrap metal. They wanted to replace the transmission for $1700-2900. We only paid $1600 for it, so that was definitely not worth it! Especially when it was having other issues, including the manifold gasket. So we bid farewell to “Beauty” (the kids called this Expedition that because the old Expedition we owned was “named” Beast – because on the first day we owned it, Hubby called it a behemoth). 

While we were in Rapid City, we dared to eat out for the first time since COVID started! Terrible idea.

We took the boys to Texas Roadhouse. Jason and I love it, but, because it is a bit expensive for poor people like us, the kids have never been there. (This is NOT for sure the source, but it is that or Jason’s work…)

But, come Monday, a little over a week later, Jason came home from work super tired and feverish. His work has a policy in effect right now that, if an employee has ANY COVID symptoms, they cannot return until they have gotten negative coronavirus test results or have been cleared after having it. So, he called the after-hours clinic, they put in an order for the test, and we drove over to the testing site. 

Tuesday afternoon, the results came back. Positive.

Now, I have been experiencing a headache, a sore throat, and a cough. I was tested today, so I guess we will see.

Lucy and Issy have been having a sore throat and a headache. I called their pediatrician, but she said there is no need to test them. She said to just assume they have COVID too. This is a relief since the test is SO unpleasant. My sinuses STILL hurt (4 hours later)! 

Unfortunately, Jude has asthma, so we have to quarantine all the sick people away from him (or vice versa). So the boys get to enjoy unlimited XBOX time in their room. They have never been happier. HAHA!

Meet the Fam: Jude

Last in age but first in personality, I now present to you Jude the Dude.

Jude is six years old (as of yesterday). He will be going into first grade this fall.

Being a child in the golden age of technology, Jude loves YouTube and video games. If the YouTube channel is super annoying, Jude probably likes it. He loves to play Terraria, Roblox, and Minecraft. Spoiled as he is, he has his own Nintendo 2DS, an XBOX One to share with his brother, and two laptops to share with all of his siblings. Oh, and he just got a new tablet for his birthday. 

If you asked me to describe Jude in one word, it would be attitude. He talks back. He screams at people. He ignores his parents when we ask him to do things. He talks smack to his video games.

Speaking of talking, this kid talks just to hear his own voice. If no one is listening, he will talk to himself. The only time he stops is when he’s sleeping.

He is such a silly boy! His favorite superhero movie characters are the villains. From Avengers, he likes Thanos the best. Joker is his favorite Batman character. He is actually pretty big on Joker recently. He *thinks* he wants to watch the new movie, but I think we are going to pass on that one. It’s a liiiiiiittle too disturbing for a 6 year old.

Meet the Fam: Jameson

Jameson is our fourth child – and first boy. He is seven and will be starting second grade. 

As far as school goes, Jameson is like Gabby. He had the same first grade teacher she did (the only 2 to have had her so far), and she had him doing “challenge” spelling and vocabulary lists. 

Like his sisters, he can be a little quiet. Also like his sisters, he is obsessed with YouTube. 

This kid is all about video games. He loves to play Terraria – especially with his brother and his dad. He also really enjoys Minecraft, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Plants vs. Zombies, and Roblox. As for toys, Jameson loves Legos, his skates, his bike, and Nerf guns.

He wants to play football, but he is very small for his age. He is the same size as his little brother, and he recently saw the pediatric endocrinologist, who determined that Jameson has the bone age of a five year old. So, pretty much, he will be two years behind his classmates for growth until puberty (which he will probably hit two years behind his classmates too). However, his dad has been trying to foster his interest in softball and baseball. Just something with less contact.

The cats aren’t super fond of the boys, but Jameson doesn’t mind. He loves the dogs more, anyway. When Lucy gets to sleep with Dixie, Jameson always asks for Roxie to sleep in the boys’ room (even though she tends to poop in there and chew up their toys). 99% of the time, the dogs aren’t allowed anywhere near the kids’ bedrooms. 

Jameson loves to play outside. He enjoys skating and riding his bike. He just learned to skate this year; we got the kids all skates or rollerblades this spring. He took to it immediately! He loves to go as fast as he can. He also just learned to ride his bike without training wheels. 

For his 7th birthday, he got a bunch of (cheap) drones. It was just in time for our trip to Texas at the end of last summer. (We actually left on his birthday.) He loved flying them in Texas, and he loves when his dad takes him to the park to fly them. 

Meet the Fam: Lucy

Lucy. Lu Lu. Lucy Goosey. Moose. Moo.

Lucy is our true middle child and youngest girl. Monday, she turns 9.  She will be in fourth grade next month. It’s crazy to think about how big she is getting.

Lulu’s loves are: Roblox. MeganPlays Roblox. Roblox. Socks (our cat). Cats in general. Roblox. MeganPlays Roblox. And Roblox. (Are you seeing a trend here?)

Quiet and small for her age, Lucy’s teachers are always trying to get her to come out of her shell a bit. She is a good student, so they always try to have her be a group leader and do things that kind of force her to interact with the other kids in her class. She has friends, but she is a little shy. 

Last year, Lucy watched a YouTube video about that Momo thing, and she started having sleep issues. (I tend to think she really exaggerated it because the video she actually watched was a BBC News spot stating that Momo was a huge hoax.) Anyway, she didn’t want to sleep alone (even though all three girls share a room). Neither of her sisters wanted to share a bed with her, and we quickly grew tired of her sleeping in our room. Finally, we compromised and allowed her to bring Dixie in her room at night. (The dogs had just started sleeping in their kennels at night again because Roxie chews things up at night.) Even now, if both her sisters are away at sleepovers for the night and she is the only girl home, she asks to have Dixie in her room. (Even though Mittens is the meanest, baddest pet we have AND already sleeps in the girls’ room.)

Lucy is also our only child (so far) to have glasses – even though Gabby has wanted them for a few years now. She got them shortly before Coronavirus hit the US. (One kiddo has yet to see the optometrist because of COVID-19, but that’s another story.)

Black Hills July 2020

We now take a break from our regularly scheduled “Meet the Family” posts to share with you about our 4th of July weekend in the Black Hills.

And we didn’t even go to see Donald Trump. (Or have to see him. Yay!) Except for this…

A Trump Pence 2020 poster we saw in Keystone, SD

One of my sisters lives in Montana, and the Hills are about halfway between where they live and where we live. And the 4th was a long weekend. That’s all.

My sister’s family at Mt. Rushmore
Left to Right: Matthew, Casey, and Amanda (with strangers in the background)

So anyway. We excitedly headed to the Hills Thursday afternoon. We arrived kinda late in the evening, and we just had dinner, put the kids to bed, and chatted at the campfire with some beers. Only my sister and her son were there when we arrived because her husband actually had to work Friday.

Friday, we planned to go to Bear Country and the Dinosaur Museum. We started with Bear Country because it closed two hours earlier than the museum. Jason and three kids were in our Expedition, my sister, her son, two of our girls, and I were in my sister’s Acadia. We followed Jason. Early on, I noticed fluid on the ground, but it started far out in front of the Expedition (although our car was adding to the stream). I determined it was condensation from everyone having their air conditioners on in their vehicles. However, as we progressed, the puddles under the Expedition were getting bigger. When we reached the mountain lion exhibit, I called Jason to tell him something was dripping. He said the temperature was increasing, so he turned the car off for a bit. When we started going again, the car kinda resisted. So we stopped in the bear exhibit. We called the park staff for a tow, and they brought the Expedition to the parking lot for a tow truck to pick it up. We piled into the Acadia and went back through the park to see the things we had missed. By then, it was closing time, and we just headed back to camp.

Our Expedition (AKA Beauty) being towed out of Bear Country because we have the worst car luck ever

Friday night, the winds kicked up, and the tent broke, collapsing on Jason and the kids in the middle of the night.

The tent Saturday morning. Two rods had snapped, and one of them had punctured the rain cover.

Saturday, my brother-in-law arrived and brought their tent. We visited Mount Rushmore and Keystone before catching a few fireworks on the way back to the campground.

Being a holiday weekend, we had to leave the Expedition in Rapid City. It will either be towed home early in the week or looked at by the shop there later in the week. (The leaking liquid was transmission fluid. Oy!)

So, this morning, my sister and her husband drove us back home, going way out of their way and WAY above and beyond! We are super grateful! It was a bummer that our typically bad car luck had to ruin our fun weekend with them. But it was still a good weekend, overall. And super nice to see the little nephew!

Meet the Fam: Gabby

Gabrielle (Gabby) is our second child. She is 11, one year younger than her big sister to the day. She will start middle school in the fall. 

Gabby is our academic overachiever. She scores super high on her standardized tests, and she impresses all her teachers. She reads all the time and takes part in the school Book Battles. (Each team member is supposed to read one book, but she has been known to read the books for the whole team because her friends didn’t do their parts.)

Gabby, too, has a YouTube channel: Girly Gab Gab

Unlike Issy, Gabby likes sports. Last year, she tried soccer. She really enjoyed it, but she disliked having to spend 2 hours driving to and being at practice twice a week after school when she wanted to play with her friends. This summer, she was supposed to get to play softball, but it was canceled due to coronavirus. That is a big bummer because she has been waiting to play softball for a couple years.

Where Issy is jeans, dark colors, and boots, Gabby is leggings, bright colors, and Converse sneakers. Sporty.

Going against the grain, Gabby is outgoing with her hairstyle too. She has dyed it blue, red, and black. She has had a side shave several times. Currently, her hair is in a bob with a side shave that she has decided to grow out. Gabby is our only life-long natural brunette, but her siblings are all slowly turning brown too. Ha!

She’s also somewhat more helpful than her siblings when it comes to chores. Somewhat. 

Meet the Fam: Issy

Isabell, better known as Issy, is our oldest child. We found out I was pregnant with her only a month after our wedding. 

She just finished sixth grade. It was a bit of a challenge because she would rather be making YouTube videos, reading young adult fantasy books, and playing Roblox or Minecraft. (Even more so with distance learning because of COVID-19.) Yes, I said making YouTube videos. She’s certainly not YouTube famous, but she has an acceptable following for a 12-year-old girl from the rural midwest. Her channel is Luna WolfMoonlite. (Shameless plug. Sorry, not sorry.)

Issy’s favorite book series are The Hunger Games and Warrior Cats. She likes Gacha Life and Adopt Me. 

Issy is a little bit quiet, shy, and anxious. The kids go to a very small school where everyone is friends with everyone to an extent, but she has a close circle of a handful of friends. She is also a rather sensitive girl. 

Despite being anxious and shy, Issy is really forward with her hairstyle. She has had purple hair, long hair, super short hair, a side shave, punk hair. You name it, she’s willing to try it, and we try to let the kids do their own thing within reason. 

As many kids are, Issy is very fond of animals. She, her sisters, and their friends rescued a litter of cottontail bunnies who had been kidnapped from the nest by some neighborhood kids. Of course, wild rabbit kits are super difficult to keep alive in captivity, and they all died. Everyone was devastated, and we had a very strong heart-to-heart about never removing kits from the nest and always returning them to the nest if they find out someone else has removed them. (Unfortunately, these kits had been out of the nest for about a week before the girls got them from the other kids – and were only a week or so old when they were removed!) 

Issy (and her late toad, Leopard) showing off that she had grown into my old sweater

Meet the Fam: Jason

Hubby. I thought writing about him would be easier than writing about myself, but I’m not so sure that’s true. Jason is 33. As of this year, he is a journeyman electrician, and I could not be prouder of him. When we started dating, he was in school for an associates degree in graphic communication. He finished that just after we got married. However, that wasn’t the career path he wanted. After working miscellaneous jobs for a few years, he went back to school for art education. Then he switched to software engineering. In the end, we decided that he should follow the family career path. He is now a fourth generation electrician. 

He is very artistically gifted. However, he denies his talent and points to his mom and siblings (who are extremely talented artists). Our kids are also artistic and creative. (Very much unlike their mother. Ha!)

Jason is really skilled with technology too. Oops, I broke my phone screen! He can replace it. He has fixed countless laptops and other devices. When we first got married, he enjoyed building computers. He hasn’t been as involved with those kinds of activities in the last several years, but friends and family still come to him when they have issues with their technology.

In the last few years, he has become a lot more handy around the house. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it before; he just wasn’t interested in doing that hands-on stuff. But he has started doing the vast majority of our car repairs. (And there are A LOT of them! We have the worst car luck EVER!) We are currently building a fence. He recently fixed our storm door. 

Honestly, Jason just doesn’t give himself enough credit. Anything he puts his mind to, he can do! If only he would put his mind to homesteading, like I would love to do. Ha!

Meet the Fam: Krista

Hello! I’m Krista. I’m a 33-year-old mother of five, and writing about myself is really difficult.

I met my husband, Jason, when we were seniors in high school. However, we didn’t really even become friends until we were freshmen in college, and we started dating the following summer. We got married after dating for only seven months – the weekend before my brother was deployed to Iraq.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, which I don’t really make use of. Originally, I wanted to be a teacher and a writer. But just a semester before my degree was finished, I discovered that I wanted to be a nurse. Unfortunately, I was already super pregnant with our third child. I obviously finished my English degree, and I did go back to school for my nursing prerequisites after taking one semester off. By that point, I was already pregnant with our fourth child, and, about the time I would have started nursing school, we found out we were having our fifth. For the last five years, I was a patient care technician at a local hospital.

I like reading, writing, photography, and crocheting. Last summer, I started cycling for fitness. 

As I said, writing about myself is hard, so I will probably end this here. You will figure me out over time, anyway.

Meet the Family: Scene 1, Take 20 (or Something)

Hello, this is Mommy’s Day In, my mom blog! My name is Krista. I am a 33-year-old mother of five. I am a stay-at-home mom with an English degree and a photography business (which is completely neglected and not even really a business anymore). For the past five years, I have been a patient care technician at a local hospital with the end goal of becoming a nurse. But it is hard to figure out what life has in store for me and when… So, for now, I have decided to try to make use of that English degree.

Jason is my husband. He is also 33, and we have been married for 13 years. He spent years trying to decide what he wants to do. He has a degree in graphic communication, and he also went back to school for both art education and software engineering. In the end, we decided he should follow the family career path and become an electrician (fourth generation).

Isabell, our oldest, is 12. Issy is creative, like her father. Recently, painting/modifying Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) toys has been her big hobby of late. She also enjoys making characters on Gacha Life and YouTube-ing.

Gabrielle (Gabby) is our second oldest, at 11. Unlike her big sister, Gabby is super motivated in school. She loves to read, but she is also artistic. She enjoys drawing and painting. Currently, she is loving the Harry Potter

Lucy is our true middle child. She is eight years old (nine in July). We call her our mini-Issy. She is very emotional and dramatic. Currently, this little lady is completely obsessed with (slash addicted to) Adopt Me on Roblox. She has broken countless phone cords playing it while her device is charging. 

Jameson is our first boy. He is seven. He loves Minecraft, Terraria, Roblox, and YouTube (mostly super annoying channels). All he really wanted for Christmas was Nerf guns, so that’s what we got him – a TON of Nerf guns (to share with his little brother). 

Finally, Jude is our youngest, at five (six in July). He is as big as Jameson! (Jameson is small for his age, and Jude is big for his.) Jude likes all the same things as his big brother. He also wants to be an “electrissan” like his daddy. He loves (toy) tools too. When he feels like talking, if no one will listen, he is perfectly happy to talk to himself. This kid literally talks non-stop. Mostly about YouTube and Terraria.

And now on to the pets. And you thought you were done after the five kids. Ha!

Socks is our oldest pet. She is a 15-year-old cat. She was born under my bed when I was a senior in high school, and my mother and I bottle-fed the litter of seven kittens. (My mom still has Socks’s brother, Bon Bon.) 

Mittens is a 7-year-old cat. Her birthday is the same as Jameson’s! She is our crabbiest pet, but she has mellowed out some as she has gotten older. (She has a reputation at the vet because she bit the doctor at her first appointment!)

Belle. Another cat. My sister lived with us for a few months. When she moved out, she left her cat. The kids love her, and she is the only cat who semi-tolerates the dogs.

Ah. The dogs. Dixie is almost three. We got her from the same sister who gave us Belle. After moving out of our house, her dog had puppies. (We thought Socks had cancer, so we wanted to ease the loss for the kids. But Socks didn’t have cancer.) 

A couple years ago, we took Dixie with us to see my family. She was so good with the other dogs that we decided she needed another dog in the house. We adopted Roxie. This dog has some frustrating anxiety issues, but we love her all the same.

And then there are the 30-ish aquatic creatures – 5 African dwarf frogs (to replace Issy’s late toads), 7 corydora catfish, 5 Glofish danios, 5 neon tetras, 5 black neon tetras (apparently, they won’t school together because of they are a different species), 3 mollies, one mystery snail, and one (remaining) ghost shrimp (he may or may not have cannibalized his friends).

And that is our family. Welcome to our blog. I hope you enjoy our crazy lives as much as we do…because we are definitely going to be sharing the insanity with you!